Transfer protocol

The protocol FTP (File Transfer Protocol) serves as a communication interface between FTP client (e. g. WISE-FTP on your local system) and the FTP server.

This communication is based on predefined FTP commands (from the client) and server "replies".

You do not have to know anything about this "language" to understand WISE-FTP! All menu options, dialog box prompts, and mouse movements (Drag-and-drop) are "translated" automatically and server replies are processed correctly.

After every startup, the log is displayed below the Main Menu bar. To show or hide the log use View/FTP Log.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in the way the protocol works or need to correct mistakes, it is possible to save the log in a text file. The log window is cleared at every startup; make sure you save the log before exiting WISE-FTP.

To save the log, select Save Log As... from the Tools menu.