Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On this page you find an overview of the frequently asked questions, as well as, solutions for frequently occurring problems.

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Product information

Price and purchasing information

Upgrade information

Support information

Product information

How can I use the trial version?
When you install WISE-FTP for the first time it runs as 30 days trial version. After that period you need to purchase it.
How can I send you my opinion or send requests for new functions in future releases?

We welcome all your suggestions and ideas! Please send them to Our developper staff will take a look at your ideas and integrate them into future releases if possible.
How can I take part in future beta tests?

If you wish to take part in future beta tests please send an email to

Price and purchasing information

How much is WISE-FTP?

WISE-FTP costs 49 €. If you wish to order the product go to the ordering page.
Is there separate pricing for educational institutions?

There is no separate pricing for Government or educational institutions.
Can I test WISE-FTP before purchasing?

You can download the trial version and test it 30 days for free before you reach your decision.

Upgrade information

I already have a previous version of WISE-FTP. What are my upgrade options?

For more information on our upgrade options refer to the ordering page.
I bought WISE-FTP 2 weeks before the new version was released. Do I have to pay the full price for the latest version?

If you bought WISE-FTP 60 days before the first release of the latest version you are entitled for a free upgrade. Please send an email including your ordering number to our support team.
Does AceBIT offer cross upgrades (for the products of competitors)?


Support information

Why do I have to register my product?

If you register your product your unlock code is stored to our database. That way we can check the number for you at any time. Registered users also benefit from software offers and are informed about upgrades or updates of the product.
What is the difference between unlock code and activation key?

Please note the following difference between the activation key and the unlock code:

- The unlock code is sent to you after having ordered the software.
- The activation key is requested in the software by clicking the "Request activation key" button.

The unlock code was personally created for you and allows you to unlock your software to full version. Please save your unlock code in safe custody, as it is required for unlocking the software.

The activation key is generated automatically by our server and it is sent to you by email. Please request a new activation key whenever you unlock the software anew. Do not store your activation key as it can be changed at any time.

Please make sure that you have entered the activation key and the unlock code into the corresponding fields when unlocking your software.
I have lost my unlock code, how can I retrieve it?

If you have ordered WISE-FTP and you wish to view your ordering details please contact our customer service. You can also send an email to our support team . Enter your name, address and where applicable the name of your company.
How can I report bugs or errors in the documentation?

If you wish to inform us about bugs or documentation errors or if you wish to send us suggestions or requests for new functions, please send an email to our support team. Our developper staff will review your reports and requests and integrate them into one of the next product releases if necessary..
Where do I get help for WISE-FTP?

On the Documentation page you will find tutorials, the complete user help, and manuals in PDF format.
What is the product activation for?

The activation is done during the unlocking process of the freeware or test version. You can perform the activation via the Internet. Only the details you have entered during activation are transmitted to AceBIT. No other information is transmitted.
I don't receive the activation key.

If you are using a proxy server please make sure that it is correctly configured. For more information refer to your help file.

If you are using (Software) firewalls deactivate firewalls, internet security software or others before you start the activation. Or configure them that they do not block internet access for the program.

Please also make sure that the email including the activation key is not deleted by spam filters.
Can I install my copy of WISE-FTP on several computers?

Yes you can install WISE-FTP on several computers for your own use. However, you are not allowed to hand over your personal licence to third parties.

Technical information

Unable to uninstall WISE-FTP

When trying to uninstall WISE-FTP the following error message appears “You have newer version of the application. Setup will exit.”

If you wish to definitely uninstall the application, open the Windows Explorer and delete the file hepro.exe in the folder C:\Program Files\AceBIT\Wise-FTP. Now you can restart the installation program to uninstall WISE-FTP.

WISE-FTP remains an open process in the Windows Task Manager after it was terminated.

This might be due to the following:

You are using "Share To Web" by Hewlett Packard.
This application causes some memory troubles, which might lead to the fact that WISE-FTP is not removed from memory completely.
We recommend to uninstall Share To Web or to only start it if required.

Error message"Class not registered" while using SFTP.

This error occurs in version to and is caused by an error in the installation script. You will only get this error message if you did not select Explorer Integration during installation.

From build on, this error in the installation program is revised.

Please download and run this patch to solve this problem.

Directory trees (local and on FTP server) are not visible anymore.
How to solve the problem:
  • Exit WISE-FTP.
  • Open the file wiseftp.ini (you find it in the WISE-FTP program directory).
  • Search for the line DirTree1_Height=0.
  • Change the line to DirTree1_Height=100.
  • Now change the next line from tvFTPDirs_Height=0 to tvFTPDirs_Height=100.
  • Save the file and restart WISE-FTP.
Cannot find help file

How to solve the problem:

- Go to Options/General.
- Choose German or French as language.
- Click OK.
- Go back to Options/General.
- Now choose the desired language and click OK.
- Now the user help is available.

Can I upload only new or changed files in a certain directory without having to select them individually?

Yes. The feature Synchronize directories from the Tools menu enables you to synchronize the content of a local directory and the selected remote directory. This means that only those files are uploaded which are newer than the ones on the server. Files with identical names are overwritten automatically with newer ones.

Why is my connection to the FTP server suddenly closed?

Some servers disconnect automatically after a certain period of time if they do not receive commands from the client. This helps to avoid that server performance is reduced unnecessarily as every client logged onto an FTP server reduces performance - no matter if data is transferred or not. The server never disconnects if a transfer is active. It only disconnects if client and server have not communicated for a certain period of time defined by the server administrator.

A further reason for this may be the configuration of WISE-FTP. Under Options --> Advanced, check whether you have activated Hold connection at idle.

Can I use WISE-FTP with a firewall or proxy?

Yes. But you have to configure WISE-FTP correctly. From the Options dialog, choose tab Firewall / Proxy. Type in proxy address/host name.

Transferred files are partly faulty.

You have possibly transferred all files in ASCII mode. This can cause errors with many file types. Only use ASCII mode if you are sure the files are pure text documents (e.g. .txt, .htm, .html, .cgi, .php). All other file types must be transferred in binary mode.

If this does not help, make sure you have activated data flow control of your modem (Start --> Control Panel --> Modems).

Error message: 500 Illegal PORT Command! port cmd failed.! DoDirList failed 0

You might be able to avoid this problem by using passive transfer mode. Activate check box ""passive"" before connecting to the server.

Passive transfer mode: When you connect to an FTP site, usually the remote system establishes the connection to your local system. However, if the server allows passive transfers, the local system (client) establishes the connection. It is recommended to use passive transfer with most connections. Note that passive transfer must be used if:
- Your network is protected by some kind of router-based firewall.
- You use a proxy.
- If your transfers are disjointed.

Error message: Unable to connect to FTP server

Check whether you are connected to the Internet. WISE-FTP cannot establish a dial-up connection by itself. It uses the dialer defined in the file winsock.dll (e.g. ""Dial-up Network"").

If you are using a proxy server or firewall, make sure you have configured them correctly in the Options menu.
Check your user name/password combination.

I get the error Winsock error # 11004

Please check your entry in the "Host name" field of the "Site Manager" dialog box. Make sure that you have used "" instead of "".

I get the error "500 Host not found (Winsock error 11001)"

This error indicates that you did not enter the login details of the corresponding FTP server correctly into the "Site Manager" dialog box.

Please check the "Host name" field and make sure that the host name was entered without http://. For example: "" instead of "".

How can I change access rights?

To change the access rights to your uploaded files, click on the corresponding files (on the FTP server) in WISE-FTP and select Properties. You can now edit the access rights in the dialog box that opens.

I get the error forbidden 403 when opening my website.

There might be two reasons that cause this problem:

1. You did not set sufficient access rights to the files.
To change access rights of your uploaded files, right-click on the corresponding files (on the FTP server) in WISE-FTP, and select "Properties". You can now edit the access rights in the dialog box that opens.

2. There is no file index.html or index.htm on your web server, or this file is located in a subfolder.
This file is the start page of your domain. The web server uses it when opening your domain ( This file needs to be located in the folder or root folder of your webserver.

After installing SP2 on Windows XP I cannot start my program at all. What might be the reason for this?

The reason probably is that the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is activated on your machine and does not allow to execute the program. All our programs use anti-hacking protection technologies which cause the DEP to block the execution of these programs. We will modify our programs so that the next versions will be compatible with DEP. As a current workaround we recommend the following:

1.) Click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel and select System.
2.) On the Advanced tab, under Performance, click Settings.
3.) On the Data Execution Prevention tab, select Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select and add WISE-FTP to the list of programs.

For more details refer to

I get the error Socket error #10060

This error is not directly caused by WISE-FTP, but mostly occurs because either

a) a Firewall stops WISE-FTP from connecting to the Internet

b) there is a problem with the Names Resolution or because of

c) improper routing in your network implementation.

Please try the following:

- Ensure that a connection through your firewall is possible for the program. Configure it in such a way that it does not block WISE-FTP (WISE-FTP needs to be able to access the standard ports 20 and 21). If necessary, add wiseftp6.exe to the list of accepted programs.

- Try to connect to other FTP servers to find out if a connection is blocked from the start.

- Check whether you have entered your server address in the correct way, that means (without any www or http). Try to enter the IP address instead of your server address.

- Try to use Active mode instead of Passive mode. You can change this setting in the “Site Manager” before connecting by unchecking the Passive checkbox.

- Go to Options->Preferences and choose Connection and Transfers. Then increase the Connection Timeout to for example 100 seconds.