Setting up a new FTP site

To set up a new FTP site, proceed as follows:

  1. In Explorer, open WISE-FTP connections in My Network Places and click on New site.

  2. Enter a name that uniquely identifies the new site.

  3. Then enter a host name and port.

  4. Enter your user name into the Username field. If you wish to register as a guest, enter the the word anonymous. Note that the user name is normally case-sensitive.

  5. Enter your password into the Password field. Passwords are also case-sensitive. If you chose to use anonymous as your user name, simply enter your e-mail address here.

  6. You may choose either FTP or SFTP as the connection type. If you select SFTP, you can use the Advanced button to select the Authentication method.

  7. You can adjust the proxy settings under Proxy settings. If you uncheck the Use general proxy configuration check box, you will need to enter the proxy address and the proxy port.

  8. Enter the path to any startup directory in the Initial folder field; e. g., the startup directory of your web page (optional).

  9. Checking the Passive checkbox activates the passive transfer mode.