Preferences: File types

WISE-FTP lets you define the transfer mode to be used with different file types. When the transfer mode in the main window is set to Auto, files are transferred in binary mode unless the file name includes an extension that is listed under File types in the Preferences window. If the file extension is listed here, the transfer takes place in ASCII mode. The extensions of all files that will be transferred in ASCII mode when the transfer mode is set to Auto are listed.

Adding a file extension to the list:

  1. Enter the desired file extension under: Always use ASCII mode for files with these extensions. The extension may have up to nine characters, including dots.

  2. Click Add. The file extension will appear in the list box on the left.

  3. To remove an extension from the list, select it and click Remove.

NOTE: The file types listed here are regarded as text files by the internal editor and are available for editing.