Custom Command Properties

This dialog box allows you to create a new command or edit an existing one. The available fields are:

Title – Name of the command as it will be displayed in the menu (optional entry).

Command – FTP command (mandatory entry); enter a command or choose one from the drop-down list.

Parameters – Parameters used with the command (optional entry); multiple parameters must be separated by a space. You may enter any value or parameter (see below).

Macros - To enter a macro parameter in the Parameter field, select the relevant line from the Macros list and click Insert. The macro parameters have the following meanings:

$FILE – Will be replaced by the selected file name on the server.

$PATH – Will be replaced by the complete path of the current directory on the server.

$PROMPT – Opens a dialog box and prompts the user to enter a parameter value.

Hot Key – Global key combination assigned to this command (optional entry). Place the cursor in this editing field and press the key combination you wish to assign to this command.