Connection problems



Error message: Unable to connect to FTP server.

  • Verify that you are connected to the Internet. WISE-FTP cannot establish a dial-up connection by itself. It uses the dialer defined in the file winsock.dll (e. g., "Dial-up Network").

  • If you are using a proxy server or a firewall, make sure they are correctly configured in the "Preferences" menu.

  • Check your user name/password combination.

Remote server is suddenly disconnected.

  • Some servers disconnect automatically after a certain period of time if they do not receive commands from the client. This helps avoid unnecessary reduction in server performance. The server never disconnects when a transfer is in progress. It only disconnects if the client and the server have not communicated for a specific period of time as defined by the server administrator.

  • Another possible reason is the configuration of WISE-FTP. Check Maintain connection at "idle" under Preferences > Advanced.

Error message: "500 No route to host: Winsock error # 10065"

  • Verify that you are connected to the Internet.

  • Check to see if there is a firewall that has not been set up correctly.

  • Check to see if a software firewall (e. g., Norton Internet Security) is blocking access.

See also: Unable to connect to remote system