WISE-FTP Task Planner

WISE-FTP's Task Planner facilitates the automation of file uploads and downloads as well as automated directory synchronization. To schedule a new task, click on the Create new task icon.

This opens the WISE-FTP Schedule Wizard, which will guide you through the three steps of creating a new task.

Step 1

First, enter an existing WISE-FTP server profile into the Profile name field. To do so, click on the Select/Edit button and select a remote server in the Site Manager dialog box.

Next, choose the type of task to be performed. The following options are available:

Step 2

Now enter a Local name. Depending on the task chosen in Step 1, you have to specify either a directory or a filename in this field.

In the Name on server field, specify a directory or filename on the server, as appropriate.

Step 3

As the last step, specify when and how many times the task shall be performed. You can also choose to have an e-mail notification sent when the task has been completed.